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Laughter Yoga for Young Adults with Down Syndrome

In the chaotic dance of life's challenges and stressors, uncovering joy can sometimes feel like chasing a slippery eel. But fear not! There's a simple remedy waiting to burst out of all of us – laughter.

Cathy's vision is to create a Laughter Wellness program for young adults with Down Syndrome. The goal is to introduce laughter as a wellness plan and encourage people to join the laughter community. She wants to teach Laughter Yoga to young adults with Down Syndrome to eventually have them lead Laughter Yoga sessions within their own demographic.

There will be a Free online introduction session on February 12th at 2 pm ET on Zoom. This first session will be an hour. Laughing and breathing for 30-45 minutes with some time for Q&A. We are seeking feedback to learn now to best create a program that will be most beneficial to the Downs community. Pleae join us to find out how fun Laughter Yoga can can fit into any lifestyle. Join us for a really fun time. Come experience the magic of laughing for the health of it.













Laughter Workshops

Cathy Nesbitt
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