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Fab Fridays

Welcome to FAB Fridays with Cathy Nesbitt. We try to make every Friday Fabulous
with Laughter Yoga and some other techniques picked up along the way.
Join us every Friday for an adventure that will put a smile on your face and
start your weekend, in the right frame of mind.


Past Fab Fridays on YouTube

Week 137

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 137: Six tips for a healthy Vagus Nerve. The path to balanced emotions. The Vagus Nerve. It's more than just fight or flight. It is our connection to the parasympathetic nervous system.

Week 138

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 138: Illusions - Pardon the confusion. Join us this week as we have some fun with the camera. Did you know Ping Pong balls make an excellent meal? Teleport in and join us for some breakfast.

Week 139

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 139: Aurora in Love. Live Interactive Theatre with Shadowpath This week we are visiting with Shadowpath Theatre Productions for their immersive play "Aurora in Love". Seven distinct plays in Seventy minutes. Tales of love from actual events and people in Aurora.

Week 140

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 138: Illusions - Pardon the confusion. Join us as we explore the new flood plains of Newmarket complements of a family of busy beavers. Transforming a small trickle of a stream into a fresh Beaver meadow.

Week 141

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 141: Back to the Varley Art Gallery to take in LunarFest 2024. A celebration of Lunar New Year at the Varley Art Gallery in Markham. Join us as we check out the traditional Lunar Lanterns (this time with an aboriginal twist). We also learn about some Taiwan crafts with our Indian host.

Week 142

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 142: International Woman's Day For International Woman's Day we celebrate the women that make us laugh. From Lucy to Gilda there are a lot of funny women in the world. Today we acknowledge and appreciate these funny ladies that make the world a better place to live in.

Week 143

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 143: May your hair never fall out and your beard ever be bushy. With a tip of the hat and a cheers with grenn beer, We wish a Happy St. Patrick's day to everyone. On March 17 we are all a little bit Irish. Join us as we track down some gold at the end of the rainbow.

Week 144

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 144: Laughter is the best medicine and here's the proof. Today we look at some of the research around Laughter Yoga. Want to live a better, healthier, fuller life? Laugh everyday.

Week 129

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 129: Healing ourselves, Healing the World. Today we look at the Capacitar movement. What is Capacitar? A spirit of empowerment and solidarity. A network connecting people on 5 continents.

Week 130

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 130: What do you do with the first snowfall of the year? Making a Snowman with the first snow. The hard part is bring him to life. Just need that magic hat.

Week 131

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 131: Truly one of Ontario's unknown jewels: The North Metro Chorus. What has over 150 members and sings like angels? This week's very special episode features The North Metro Chorus. Watching world class entertainers perform can be an awe inspiring experience.

Week 132

Fabulous Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 132: Exploring the Christmas Market at the Distillery District. Join us as we brave the cold and the crowds at one of Toronto's best loved Christmas markets.

Week 133

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 133: Surviving Winter. How do you survive winter in Canada? Well first thing is to dress for it. The second thing is to enjoy it. Join us for some Snowblower laughter (or Lawnmower laughter if you are in the warmer climates).

Week 134

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 134: Chop Shop - Laughter Yoga Style Today we look at some very specific occupations. If your job includes chopping, here's how to make it really fun.

Week 135

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 135: Time to get grounded, grab you spoons. This week Cathy talks about getting grounded by aligning your polarity. Energy has a flow. A great little technique and all you need is a spoon.

Week 136

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 136: Another winter job made easier with Laughter Yoga With some assistance from the Fifth Dimension, This week we clear the snow, Laughter Yoga style.

Week 121

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 121: Fairies, Goblins & Witches. Oh my. Welcome to the Enchanted Forest. This week we are enraptured at the Enchanted Forest in Fergus.

Week 122

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 122: Magic is in the air. Join us at Jokers. This week we take in a magic show at Jokers in Toronto. Nothing up my sleave (unless you include my arm).

Week 123

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 123: In Living Colour in Gravenhurst. Autumn in Ontario, one of Mother Nature's Masterworks. This week we cruise Lake Muskoka in search of some fall colours. Reds, Orange, Browns and Green.

Week 124

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 124: Spicing up the town with some beautiful works of art. Today we check out some incredible works by local artists. Beautiful murals inspired by the Group of Seven giving people even more reasons to visit.

Week 125

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 125: The Five Elements. An exploration of different personality types. From the ancient Chinese philosophy today we look at the 5 Elements. Water, Wood, Fire, Earth Metal. Which one do you mostly relate to.

Week 126

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 126: Sprouts, Nature's Original Fastfood. Today we explore the goodness of sprouts and sprouting. Sprouts release the "Feel Good" chemicals; Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.

Week 127

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 127: For the Joy or working with Fire. Today we exercise our breathing. From a Breath of Joy, to a Quantum Breath to finally, Heaven Rushing In. A study of Breathwork.

Week 128

Fabulous Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 128: All we are saying is give peace a chance. With all the anger and hostilities going on in the world these days, maybe it's time to think and talk more about peace.

Week 113

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 113: In the garden with Rachel Parent.Taste of the Garden a Harvest Celebration and Fundraising event. Join us as we explore the incredible Kids Right to Know Community Garden with Rachel Parent.

Week 114

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 114: Laugher in the Garden. Join us for 3 simple Laughter Yoga exercises to get you through the weekend.

Week 115

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 115: Sharbot Lake Shenanigans: Laugher in the Garden. Join us as we crawl over and explore the Canadian Shield at Sharbot Lake.

Week 116

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 116: A New Hope at the Little Library In the midst of a prolonged Library strike we find a small but encouraging work around. This video is dedicated to the workers and staff at the Bradford West Gwillimbury Library and Cultural Centre.

Week 117

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 117: Uptown food at the Asian Festival Join us as we seek out some freaky food at Uptown Asian Festival.

Week 118

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 118: Sights and sounds of the DV Parkway. This week we take a ride down the Don River Watershed. A fantastic nature ride through the heart of Canada's largest city.

Week 119

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 119: A mazed at the Labyrinth in Collingwood. This week we explore Harbourview Park in Collingwood, Ontario. Join us as we visit the Grandfathers and take a turn at the Labyrinth.

Week 120

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 120: Who said a beach has to be sandy? Help us explore the Beaver Trail through Awenda. Visit the spectacular boulder beach.

Week 105

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 105: From Flower to Fruit. Spring really is a beautiful time of year. It is a time for young fruit bearing trees and shrubs to show off thier buds. The sights, the smells, oh my!

Week 106

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 106: Cho choo: A visit to the Toronto Railway Museum. This week we vist the Roundhouse to get our minds read and to check out all cool trains.

Week 107

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 107: Laneway Ramble. Taking a short-cut. Today we trek through some of Bradford's rarely seen laneways. Join us behind the scenes as we take the paths less travelled.

Week 108

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 108: Earthing. Really get in touch Mother Earth. This week we look at Earthing. The simple act of walking through the grass in your bare feet. Why is it so good for us?

Week 109

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 109: Cooking pioneer style at the Simcoe County Museum. Join us as we bake some cookies the old fashion way with an outdoor stone oven. Keep those home fires burning.

Week 110

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 110: Playing interactively with Shadowpath. Three plays written and acted by women. Join the fun and see what happens.

Week 111

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 111: Adventures at Arrowhead. Three plays written and acted by women. Join the fun and see what happens.

Week 112

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 112: The Kempenfest Experience. Join us as we explore the 51st version of Kempenfest. With over 350 Arts, Crafts, Antique exhibitors and dozens of preformances, Kempenfest is now one of the largest outdoor arts, crafts, and music festival in Ontario.

Week 97

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 97: One of the first signs of Spring: Rockin' Robin. All the little birds on Jaybird Street Love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet. Robin laughter? Why not.

Week 98

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 98: Exploring some of the swampy areas of Bradford. Looking for some honking geese and a place to relax with family.

Week 99

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 99: How do you make mundane chores easier? Add some laughter of course. Doing some dishes? How about the laundry? Make it easier on yourself add some laughter.

Week 100

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 100: We have reached the Century mark. Who knew we had it in us. Thank you to everyone for your support and patronage over the years. We appreciate all the kind words and thoughts.

Week 101

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 101: Happy Earth day. Back to Niagara for a quick clean up. Back to Niagara as we gorge ourselves down to the Niagara Whirlpool Basin. Afterwards we pitch-in for a little clean up/green up to celebrate Earth Day.

Week 102

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 102: Checking out our goodies from the Bradford Library Booksale. The joy of physically turning a page, of losing yourself in a new story, of learning some new relevation can all be had at your local library. Help a library out, buy a book.

Week 103

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 103: No Mow May. Cathy talks about No Mow May and why you should hold off cutting the grass until May is done. Also, which plants you can get an early start on in the garden.

Week 104

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 104: Seedling Saturday. Because without food we'd be hungry. Join us in Peterborough as we get garden ready at Seedling Saturday. Did you wait too long to get your seeds started? Need to fill out some spots with more plants? We have an answer.

Week 89

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 89: Welcome to the Big One. Canada's Largest Organic Conference. From heritage seeds to homegrown mushrooms, join us at the Guelph Organic Conference as we meet up with some of coolest vendors.

Week 90

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 90: Marsh by Moonlight: Snowshoe edition. Join us as we travel up to Midland for some snoeshoeing in the dark. This week we explore Midland by day and The Wye Marsh by night.

Week 91

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 91: Winterfest from the Heart of Barrie. Ever seen a spiked kite over 20 feet wide? How about the Mario Brothers sailing over Kempenfelt Bay. Join us this week as we return to Barrie for Winterfest.

Week 92

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 92: Breath Work. Better Then Boring Old Deep Breathing. The exercise of breathing. Playing with our Chi ball and blowing up some imaginary balloons.

Week 93

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 93: Keeping things in perspective. "Because if we can't see things from a common perspective how are we going to solve the world's problems".

Week 94

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 94: Discoveries After Dark Join us as we return to Midland to explore Sainte-Marie among the Hurons. What was life like during a typical night in the 1600's.

Week 95

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 95: Happy 28th Anniversary to Laughter Yoga. To celebrate Laughter Yoga's 28 Anniversary we go through a few of the basic exercises. Join in for some happy times.

Week 96

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 96: The first day of Spring Scanlon style. Join us as we look for some signs of Spring at Scanlon Creek.

Week 81

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 81: Victorian tea with a Victorian model at the Cookstown Antique Market What treasure awaits at the Antique Market. Join us as we explore the Big Barn and have a Ho ho ho good time with Santa.

Week 82

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 82: Touring around Yorkville with a stopping in the Afganistan tea room. Join us in the heart of Toronto as we explore the "Fleurs de Villes" in Yorkville. Thirty of these flower arrangements are featured in this trendy Toronto neighbourhood.

Week 83

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 83: Happy Hanukkah everybody or is it Chanukah? Join us for the lignting of a 9 foot Menorah at Barrie City Hall. Witness the fun of the Gelt drop from a Fire truck.

Week 84

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 84: We're going to the birds. This year we select our Animal Totems with some help from the Chickadee-dee-dees.

Week 85

Week 85: 5 Stress busting tips to help you through the post holiday blues. Ground yourself in loving harmony and set yourself up for a fantastic new year.

Week 86

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 86: Lost your keys? Here's a sure fire way to find what you need. Lost your keys, phone glasses? Follow these simple instructions to get into the right frame of mind to channel you inner bloodhound and find what you need.

Week 87

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 87: What effect does Light & Colour have on our emotions?

Week 88

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 88: Walking with the light at night. Join us in beautiful Huntsville, Ontario for a night light walk. Soak up some colour & light at the Eclipse - Walk With Light Festival.

Week 73

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 73: Toronto Garlic Festival. Yum! Join us at the Artscape Wychwood Barns as we do everything garlic. From Ice cream to beer.

Week 74

Fabulous Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 74: It's Thanksgiving weekend, time for the 175th Woodbridge Fall Fair. A Thanksgiving weekend tradition going back to 1847. The dogs, the clowns and of course, the worms.

Week 75

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 75: Night at the Creepy Creek from Cold Creeeeek Conservation Area. What spooky shenanigans are going on down at the Cold Creeek this halloween.

Week 76

Fabulous Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 76: A Grand Tour of Grand Valley. It's always sunny in Grand Valley. A great place to pretend to fish.

Week 77

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 77: A halloween party at the FAN club. Cathy takes us along on one of her weekly visits to the FAN club: Full Access Network. Laughter Yoga at an adult day programming serving young adults with Intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in York Region.

Week 78

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 78: Taking a walk in the woods. Join us as we go for a walk at Scanlon Creek Conservaion Area. Visit with the Woodpecker as we ssslither through the woods.

Week 79

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 79: Snow, Skiing and Scanalonydoney. Join us as we explore the adventures and joy of winter activities.

Week 80

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 80: Take a Stress-Test . How you doin'. This week we look at Stess aids (and sleeping aids). Manage your Stress, manage your life. From Hopeless to Hopeful.

Week 65

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 65: Off to the Mongolian Steppe. Well actually we are in Zephyr, Ontario. Explore the incredible acreage of Wild Earth Farm. Start with the Mongolian Yurt and end up in the Hoop House (just in time).

Week 66

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 66: Join us as we celebrate the mighty carrot at Bradford's Carrot fest. 24th annual Carrot fest. Originally called Salad Festival then Harvest Festival before being renamed Carrot fest. It has been named one of the top 100 Festivals & Events in Ontarion for over a decade.

Week 67

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 67: Exploring the grounds of Sibbald Point Provincial Park. This week we visit one of our old stomping grounds. The sand, the sun, the shadows.

Week 68

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 68: Field to table. Georgina'a farm tour. Join us as we do the Farm circuit in Georgina. With a moo moo here and a cluck cluck there ...

Week 69

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 69: A modern day warrior. Cathy's tribute to Cdn prog rock heros: RUSH A surprise visit to Lakeside Park, followed by other important Rush landmarks. Cathy visits her Rock & Roll roots in Willowdale and beyond.

Week 70

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 70: Welcome to the Georgian Bay Festival. Music, Vendors & Bubbles. With Neil Diamond crooning in the background we explore what the Georgian Bay Festival has to offer.

Week 71

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 71: Celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary. Up, up and away. Off we go into the wild blue yonder. Join us as we laugh our way through a wild balloon adventure.

Week 72

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 72: Laughing for the health of it. On this day we all gather at The Riverwalk Commons to do what we do best: Laugh.

Week 57

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 57: Pearls of laughter ring through the forest. This week we visit Algonquin Park. One of Ontario's Crown Jewels.

Week 58

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 58: Algonquin II. Tom Thompson and The Group of Seven Loved this place. A look into the legend of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. A ground breaking group of painters that recorded Canada's rugged north with oils and easels. Don't miss the moose tracks.

Week 59

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 59: Strawberry fields forever. Strawberries, Arugula & Lettuce, oh my. Eating in-season fruits and veggies makes a difference to your taste buds.

Week 60

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 60: Next stop Unionville. All aboard. Join us as we explore some of the scented offerings from Unionville.

Week 61

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 61: Mental Health First Aid. Some more tips and tricks. A healing episode. Cathy talks about Earthing and the natural energy that we can tap into. It's all around us.

Week 62

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 62: Time to Bee watch. Take a "moment" vacation with Cathy at one of her favourite places in town. Check out the hummingbird moth. Is it a bird? Is it an insect? Only Cathy knows.

Week 63

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 63: Jailbreak. Cathy breaks out of the "Big House" to check out beautiful village of Creemore. Along the way we find a place to quench our thirst.

Week 64

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 64: Inaawanidiwag "They travel together" Marten, Crane, Bear & Deer. Four animals in the canoe. It is all part of what the Anishinaabe people call Mino Bimaadiziwin, the good life.

Week 49

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 49: Back in the backyard. a shocking episode. Go with the flow, don't be static. Learn some new Laughter Yoga techniques, like learning how to win the lottery.

Week 50

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 50: How do you celebrate World Laughter Day? By Laughing of course. Join Cathy with special Laugh Accomplices Karen & Tara as they have an energetic Laughter session in celebration of World Laughter Day.

Week 51

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 51: Bouncing for Lymphs sake. Get your body moving to support your Lymphatic System. The up and downs of Rebounders.

Week 52

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 52: 1 Year of Fab Fridays. Let's take a look back. A look back at some of the antics we got into over the past year.

Week 53

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 53: It's Still Seedy Saturday Season. We take in Seedy Saturday Mississauga. Visit some of the people behind the scenes.

Week 54

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 54: Getting Nostalgic for Laughter Yoga. We take a look at how some of the foundation Laughter exercises came to be. What made silent laughter necessary? Very good, very good, very good, very good ...

Week 55

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 55: Let's go to the Aurora Street Festival for some laughs. Fun, Food and Festivity. Throw in some sharp axes and you have the Aurora Chamber Street Festival.

Week 56

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 56: Laughter is the best medicine. Get your DOSE today! Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin & Endorphins. The week we take a deep dive into just what is in your DOSE of laughter.

Week 41

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 41: Niagara Falls - Cathy goes over. Join us over, under & in one of the greatest natural spectacles on Earth.

Week 42

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 42: Have you hugged a Worm lately? Cathy digs in. Get up close and personal as we visit the micro-world of the worms.

Week 43

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 43: Laughter at the Gym. How do you liven up your gym experience? With Laughter of course.

Week 44

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 44: Guess what's around the corner. Warming up your funny bones for Spring Training.

Week 45

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 45: Skip to it. A Worm moon workout. A quick Laughter workout before we feed the birds.

Week 46

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 46: Being kind to ourselves. A Healing episode. Some simple moves that will help with everyday stress.

Week 47

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 47: The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist. Tap into some Liquid Gold. Maple Syrup, nature's sweet spring time gift.

Week 48

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 48: Hope is Coming. Starting the spring Garden clean up. Such a hopeful time of year.

Week 33

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 33: Life on the Savanna. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Actually there are no tigers or bears in Africa but we did see some monkeys and crocs.

Week 34

Fabulous Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 34: Bringing in the New Year with our Animal Totems. Good riddance to 2021, looking forward to a wonderous 2022. Welcome to our New Year tradition, selecting the Animal Totem that will guide us through the year.

Week 35

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 35: Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic. Some deep breaths, In ... and Out. Now sing along with us ...

Week 36

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 36: Brrrrr, Baby it's cold out there. Swizzle, Twizzle Swoosh. What do you do to combat the winter blues. Here are some of our favourite winter activities ... Laughter Yoga style.

Week 37

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 37: The Brain: More than just a fashion statement. What's on your mind? Today we dig deep into the brain. Fun " funny facts to focus on for Friday.

Week 38

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 38: Gong hei fat choy - Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Ninja Cathy. Gong hei fat choy, which translates to: Wishing you prosperity and good health. Just watch out for the Ninjas.

Week 39

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 39: We now declare the Laughter, I mean Winter Olympics open. "Swifter, Higher, Stronger" - Time to embrace the Olympic spirit and Laugh to the best of your abilities.

Week 40

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 40: Madame Butterfly. Did we mention that you can do Laughter Yoga anywhere? Welcome to the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory.

Week 25

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 25: Some Fall Fun, Picking Apples. Get those chores done with fun. Rake some leaves and clean up with laughter.

Week 26

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 26: Serenity Now - Peace During Stressful times. Join Cathy and learn some fun techniques to help you deal with stress. For some we may be heading into a season of stress and anxiety. Put on your chill cap and go with the flow.

Week 27

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 27: Laughter Yoga, What's up with that. Cathy talks about the basics of Laughter Yoga. Join us for a few foundational exercises.

Week 28

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 28: Some new moves from the International Laughter Yoga Conference. Drink your Laughter juice as you twiddle your fingers.

Week 29

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 29: Getting your Meridians in order. Central, Governing, Spleen: Get your Meridians in order as you Cross-your-heart and Knock on the Door of Life. End up with a Giggle Jiggle before you hug that Butterfly and you should be good to go.

Week 30

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 30: Winter is on the way, we think it's a good time for Aloha Laughter. Aloha means "Breath of life". Aloha laughter is the joy of life. Join us as we transport to Hawaii; Ha - Oxygen, Wa - Water, Ii - Hee, hee, hee.

Week 31

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 31: What does Laughter Yoga Session look like? Join Cathy for a quick demo Laughter Yoga Session. Take a peek behind the curtain and see how the magic is made.

Week 32

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 32: You know who likes to laugh? Santa. In the words of that Red suited world traveler: Ho ho ho. Live from the North Pole we sing some carols Laughter Yoga style.

Week 17

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 17: Back to School with some Laughs Get up and get on the bus. Don't forget an apple for the teacher. First class is Music .

Week 18

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 18: The fine art of Fishing, Laughter Yoga style. Give this women a fish, she will laugh all day. Teach her to fish and she will laugh for the rest of her life.

Week 19

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 19: Laughter on the High Seas. Arrrr, Time to swab the poop deck matey.

Week 20

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 20: Hide & Seek Laughter, Not just for the kids. Join us for some forest laughter. Move some clouds around, play some Hide & Seek and pay tribute to the people that put this world together.

Week 21

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 21: A Monumental Episode. Join Cathy as we drive around Bradford checking out all the Historic & Cultural pieces, laughing all the way of course .

Week 22

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 22: Bouncing in from another dimension. Bringing you tricks and tips on ways to bring more joy to your life, effortlessly.

Week 23

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 23: Some easy techniques to get your body out of stress. Finger holds, Figure eights and Crown pulls. Let's get into parasympathetic mode .

Week 24

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 24: A Halloween recipe for Laughter. Bats, Vampires and Zombies. Oh my. Some Halloween silliness.

Week 9

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 9: Oxygenation - Now that's a mouthful. What happens to your brain under stress. How laughter can help you find you keys.

Week 10

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 10: The calm after the storm. Camping means getting silly with old friends, Leaky tent laughter and Smart pet tricks with Maya the Wonder dog.

.Week 11

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 11: Aloha from the Holland Marsh. Cellphone laughter ... why not? Talk like a Hawaiian, but make it hearty.

Week 12

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 12: Getting our Lymph on. From the happy newsfeed: Something you can do everyday, The 1 minute Lymph massage.

Week 13

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 13: Report from the HoHo Olympics. From the happy newsfeed: Something you can do everyday, The 1 minute Lymph massage.

Week 14

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 14: Cricket = No Danger. Life on the Cricket farm, now that's a lot of chirping. A visit with Chase & Lucy. Harvest Laughter before we make our Hot Soup Laughter

Week 15

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 15: Time to howl at the Blue Moon. Howling at the Blue Moon and a special guest appearance from some Woodpeckers. If you are hungry, how about some spaghetti laughter.

Week 16

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 16: Proudly being the Laughing Stock at Purplestock. Music, Worms & Laughter. What else do you need.

Week 1

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 1: Are you ready? Welcome to FAB Fridays Laughter Yoga. Lets make every Friday fabulous with some Laughter Yoga techniques. Today we start with some Brain Washing & Mental Floss. Talk about clearing your mind.


Week 2

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 2: Tap Tap Tap - Laughter yoga and Tapping (EFT). Fab Fridays: A Peace Passion Prosperity Project Laughter Yoga - Get your D.O.S.E today. Tap Tap Tap - Laughter yoga and Tapping (EFT).

Week 3

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 3: Have you had your Laughter Vaccine yet? Have you had your Laughter Vaccine yet? Join us for some Laughter Yoga. Today we look at some occupations. Do you need to some fabric measured?

Week 4

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 4: Laughter Yoga on the road again. FAB Fridays Laughter Yoga Ho Lo Ho Lo Lo -Sing along as you ride along.

Week 5

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 5: Cricket: No danger. Laughter Yoga is all about the breathing. Today we look at 3 different breathing techniques. Heaven & Earth, Breath of Joy and Quantum Breath.

Week 6

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 6: Olympic Laughter - We all qualify. This week we take on the Olympic Games with 3 new events. Laughter Swimming, Rock Climbing, Archery and Laughter Golf. Your Gold Medal awaits.

Week 7

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 7: Olympic Laughter - Part 2 Let the games begin. Events include Triathlon, Rhythmic Gymnastics and of course Weightlifting.

Week 8

Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 8: We're going camping. Let the games begin. Fabulous Fun Fridays - Week 8: We're going camping, but to get there you will need a lifejacket.


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