Laughter Workshops


Do you like to laugh?
Did you know that laughing is good for you?
Laughter is fun and therapeutic.

Laughter Yoga is simple and profound. An exercise routine and complete well-being workout. Developed by a medical doctor from India Dr. Madan Kataria (1995). Laughter yoga is not about fancy pants or poses. It is laughter for no reason to encourage a sense of child-like play and feeling of joy. The yoga part is the deep breathing and gentle stretches. 10-15 minutes of sustained belly laughter can be equivalent to 30 minutes of rowing!

Laughter Yoga Will:

  • Improve fitness with fun and easy exercise
  • Reduces stress and Increases happiness
  • Promote a positive mental attitude
  • Give more energy and strengthen the immune system

Cathy demonstrates the "Giggle Jiggle" on YouTube Channel Daily Laughers.

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Cathy's Chuckle Club

Who: Anyone who wants to have fun.
When: August 7, 14 & 28, 2016 (11:00 am)
Where: Cathy's Club
43 Thornton Avenue, Bradford, ON.
Cost: $10.
Family rate: $15.
Please call (905)775-9495 (local) or 1-888-775-9495.


Special Events

Who: Yoga Club
When: September
Where: Aurora, ON

Who: Women’s Wellness Circle
When: 27 October
Where: Sharon Hope United Church
18648 Leslie Street, Sharon, ON

* Note: Laughing is thirsty business so remember to bring your water bottle.

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Not just a leader Cathy is now a Laughter Teacher.

Curious of what it takes to lead a Laughter Yoga class? Would you like to bring more laughter and joy into the world?

Ask about our Weekend Laughter Leader training. Two days and you can be certified to lead your own Laughter Yoga session.

Cathy with Laughter Master Duncan Cook

Cathy@cathyscomposters.com 1-888-775-9495